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Banning Piping & Repiping

Installing Quality Piping Systems in Beaumont & Surrounding Areas 

Even though they may be hidden deep beneath your floorboards or tucked behind the walls of your property, your pipes serve a crucial function in allowing your household or business to function smoothly. Because you rely on these tough lines to carry in fresh water for drinking and cleaning, as well as completely remove all traces of waste and contamination from your home or commercial establishment, you need pipes built of the strongest materials. 

At Flow-Pro Plumbing, Inc., we take pride in using only the highest quality of materials for all our piping and repiping services, so you can take assurance in knowing your pipes will be built to endure, no matter the pressure.

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A Wide Range of Options for Piping Installation

In just a few decades, the materials that are used for piping have significantly increased in quality and durability, on account of all the revolutionary advances that have taken place in the plumbing industry. Whereas galvanized steel or cast iron used to be the most common materials for pipes, it has been discovered that these outdated substances experience a lot of corrosion over the years. In their place, plumbers now use superior materials for providing long-lasting pipes, ranging from PEX to copper to CPVC.

While all of these newer materials make excellent choices, different properties or even distinct parts of your property can benefit from different substances — the flexibility of PEX makes it superb for tight spaces, whereas powerful copper may suit your main lines better. By discussing your unique situation with our professionals, we can suggest the perfect materials for your piping installation.

Why You Should Consider Repiping

Although it is often a cost-effective solution to have your pipes repaired whenever they spring a little leak or come a bit loose, there will come a point in the lifespan of every plumbing system where additional repairs are only delaying the inevitable. Since old pipes are much less efficient, having your property repiped can save a great deal of money and hassle.

Some of the benefits of investing in superior repiping include:

  • Improved levels of water pressure in your home or business
  • A much higher property value if you ever want to put your place on the market
  • Increased prevention of leaks, cracks, or disconnections in your system
  • Greater safety from rust, corrosion, or infiltration of chemicals into your water 
  • Purer, tastier supply of drinking water

Affordable Solutions for Your Piping & Repiping Needs

Understandably, investing in a piping installation or replacement can cause some anxiety for homeowners. However, it is important to remember that quality piping built to last through the decades will actually save you from being forced to pay for expensive repairs. In order to help our loyal customers, we also ensure that our Banning piping and repiping comes at extremely competitive rates, so you can have the satisfaction in knowing you are receiving superior pricing as well as supreme workmanship.

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